Cop Legends Repeat Historic Presentation

Cop Legends of the New York Veteran Police Association, founded in 1891, now headed by Pres. Lou Telano, whose life was the the basis for movie and TV shows ‘Starsky and Hutch’ is also a former champion athlete.

The REAL DEAL COP HERO! He and Vice President Richard Ornstein, former Cop, protege & biz partner of the great Jack LaLanne, recently repeated history of 40+ years ago, when Dr Robert Goldman set a bunch of World Strength Records for the Guinness book of World Records breaking Jack LaLanne’s records (his gym boss)… Back then Richie Ornstein presented 2 monster trophies from King of Fitness and Guinness, and recently along with Pres. Lou Telano, presented the ‘Long Arm of the Law LifeTime Achievement Award’ for 30+ years of volunteer service by Dr Robert Goldman to the NYC Veterans Police Association, an organisation founded well of a century ago to protect and look after the families of slain police officers. Read more…

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