Time with Superstar Singer Jewel & Fitness Icon Tony Horton

Time with superstar singer Jewel & Fitness Icon Tony Horton. Great weekend donating time lecturing on Anti-Aging & Longevity for the mega Wellness Festival in Ohio this past weekend. Had the pleasure to spend time with two super human beings. JEWEL the singer who graced the cover of Time Magazine..one of the most giving people […]

DragonFest 2018

DragonFest 2018 was the biggest and best ever. Tons of Martial arts and Hollywood celebs and Iconic stars. A great event suppering the Martial Arts History Museum founded by Master Michael Matsuda. Read more…

The Masters/Pioneers & Legends of the Martial Arts Ceremony

The Masters/Pioneers & Legends of the Martial Arts Ceremony hosted by Grand Master Jesse Bowen was a nite for all the remember. The presentation theme of giving back to our young people, nation and how martial arts can empower and guide our lives in a positive manner echoed thruout the evening.

Dr Robert Goldman’s Movie Production Company METRO GOLDMAN MOTION PICTURES Is Killing It

‘Father & Father’ has garnered over 30 Wreaths from International Film Festivals, already winning ‘Best Comedy’, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Fight Scene’ and many other awards. A natural for a Netflix series. Congrats to cast and crew. Dr Goldman is also Executive Producer on Michael Jai White’s next big action thriller ‘OutLaw Johnny Black’, Bolo Yeung Bio documentary ‘The […]

Big Album in Wash DC for President’s Council-Sports Legends

Amazing life experience at the WhiteHouse for the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Council gathering. The team of proposed 23 Council members comprises sports legends, Olympians, Celebs and corporate leaders. Was an amazing day for all. Read more…

Good Fellas Tough Guy Hollywood Charity Event

The 15th Annual James Caan Charity event is held to support the recovery of those with addictions and give them a new lease on life through IMPACT drug and alcohol treatments. Kick butt legend James Caan (6th Degree Black Belt and all around Bass-Ass) and son Scott Caan (Also a Black Belt with 20 years of […]