30th Awards Ceremony of Assoc of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen

The Awards Ceremony of Assoc of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen celebrated their 30th Annual Reunion and Awards ceremony. Always try to attend this historic event of the legends in the strongman iron game…those greats and world champions that came before us. Nice to be the youngster at these.

Asia World Tour 2013

Exceptional meetings throughout northern and southeastern asia. At our A4M China event we had over 700 Ambassadors, 300 heads of AAA Military Hospitals, 50 heads of financial venture funds, and dozens of State run media reps, and assorted VIPs from the region so was a great success. Odd seeing 14 story tall banners of ones […]

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Visit

Was honored to have my lifelong pal, mentor and hero, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visit with me in Chicago. We had a great time and i showed him his Terminator jacket from movie i acquired supporting his important charity AfterSchool All-Stars to keep kids in sports and off the streets. Amazing day and dinner together. And […]

25th Annul Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival

25th Annul Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, largest sports festival in the world drawing over 200,000 attendees and 20,000 competing athletes in 45 sports. This is also annual venue for my International Sports Hall of Fame Ceremonies and new event i sponsored-the 1st Scottish Highland Games, which featured strength athletes throwing iron hammers, tall wooden poles […]

Olympic Award Ceremony At World Congress

Presentation of Olympic Ceremonial Disc given only to each of National Federations (only 200 worldwide -one to each nation) from the China Olympic Committee and Visiting Professorship, presented to me at World Congress by Mr Min Zhu-Committee Deputy Chairman.

The King and I

Had the honor and pleasure to co-host a Gala Dinner for his Excellency , His Royal Highness the King of Malaysia and VIP award ceremonies. was good fun. Have met with many member of Royal families form around the world and always find them to be neat people.