The World of Dr Robert Goldman

He is his word. To be successful you must have inner strength, an unbreakable will, and unstoppable spirit and persistence. You will FAIL often. It will test you to your very core. DO NOT FEAR FAILURE! Read more…

How Much Do You Really Know About Dr Robert Goldman?

Dr Goldman’s path in the martial arts stretches back over 50 years to his youth. Continue reading and discover the fascinating world of a man who did not stop to think his dreams, he went to look for them. Read more…

Martial Arts Superstars & Celebs Converge on Vegas Dec 2019

Martial Arts Superstars, Celebs and Legends converged on Las Vegas to attend the world’s largest Longevity, Anti-Aging & Health Conference – the 27th Annual A4M World Congress on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. A stellar Martial Arts session of Grand Masters discussing their personal health secrets was followed by a once in a lifetime AfterParty in the […]

Amazing 48 hours in Los Angeles

Amazing 48 hours in Los Angeles. Filmed action scenes for Superstar Michael Jai White’s next epic, ‘Outlaw Johnny Black’, saw bros Legendary Stunt Awards winners amazing stunt Coordinators JJ Perry & James Lew and visited with lifelong pal Body Building Legend 6X Ms Olympia Cory Everson.

Big Album of Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival Premiere in Times Square/New York of Award Winning Action Movies

Many Award Winning Movies such as ‘PAYING MR MCGETTY’ premiered at the NYC Times Square AMC Theaters at the Urban Film Festival. ‘McGetty’ is newest movie from Executive Producer Dr Robert Goldman, featuring Marcos Taylor ((Straight Outta Compton, (2016), The Martial Arts Kid (2015), Baby Driver (2017), Girl from Compton (2017), Luke Cage(2016), and co-stars Don “The […]


Over 60,000 fans attended the Mr Olympia MegaSports Fest. Big Congrats to Dan Solomon, Tamer El Guindy, Jim Manion, David Pecker and the team!! Was great to see celebs Mark Wahlberg, Josh Brolin, and NBA legend Shaq. Great weekend for everyone. Read more…

Dr Robert Goldman Knight Hospitaller

Knighthood Ceremony of Dr Robert Goldman by His Royal Highness the Prince into one of the Oldest Orders Of Chivalry dating back to 220CE, almost 2,000 years.

Dr Robert Goldman Will Be In The Cover of Martial Arts Sciences Magazine

Dr. Goldman is a 6th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and 7th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Chinese weapons expert, and world champion athlete with over 20 world strength records and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of his past performance records include 13,500 consecutive straight leg […]

Full Video Action From International Sports Hall of Fame 2019

Be inspired by LEGENDS AND ICONS!! MUST WATCH Video of the Awards presentations at the 2019 International Sports Hall of Fame finally ready. Standing ovations for each awardee. All aspiring athletes need to hear their words! Read more… #RobertGoldman#RobertGoldman #ArnoldSchwarzenegger#ArnoldSchwarzenegger #TimKennedy#TimKennedy #RockyBleier#RockyBleier #BennyUrquidez#BennyUrquidez #MichaelBuffer#MichaelBuffer #DavidGoggins#DavidGoggins #sportshof#sportshof #sportshof2019#sportshof2019 #ishof#ishof #ishof2019#ishof2019 #ArnoldSportsFestival#ArnoldSportsFestival #LegendAthletes#LegendAthletes #GreatestSportsLegends#GreatestSportsLegends #SportsHallOfFame#SportsHallOfFame

Action Photos From International Sports Hall of Fame Hall 2019 Event

BIG ALBUM 1,000 action photos – The International Sports Hall of Fame ceremony blew the doors off. A staggering 5 Standing Ovations and packed with over 100 media from around the globe; room stacked with World Champions & Celebs. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival was the largest ever, with over 250,000 in attendance and 22,000 […]